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Delbridge Group consists of seasoned technology professionals with the experience and track record of aligning technology investments with business needs to provide strategic and tactical value. Our team members have helped organizations from small startups to multi-billion dollar international concerns and they use this background to guide our clients towards effective and efficient systems at a cost effective price. This is especially valuable to high growth organizations where we help implement solutions that can grow and scale with the client without incurring all the expenses of a large enterprise system up front. 

Our Approach

Delbridge Group provides Information Technology Consulting Services to organizations in order to assist with the development, implementation and operations of technology and business systems that improve business results. These services include the review and design of communications systems, technical infrastructure, software applications and personnel teams to ensure that each component provides value and furthers organizational goals.

Why Us?

Delbridge Group's mission is to provide the most cost effective technology solutions that provide the highest possible return on investment. Our focus includes helping mid-sized organizations improve their operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and bottom line. Our experience includes helping organizations build technology foundations that allow them to navigate changing environments and rapid growth curves.   Call us today.


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Our Services

Delbridge Group consistently delivers strategic and tactical value. Our seasoned technology professionals have the experience and track record of aligning technology expenditures with our clients’ business needs.

  • Align IT Solutions with Business Needs

Delbridge Group team members are seasoned IT professionals with years of proven experience delivering effective Information Technology solutions to organizations. This experience with multiple organizations provides the ability for our consultants to see our clients’ problems with a wider view allowing them to design effective solutions that further organizational goals.

  • Provide Secure IT Systems 

Delbridge Group provides assessment services and security program development to ensure your data and your business is properly protected. As organizations continue to capture and leverage ever increasing amounts of customer personal data, malicious attackers have become more aggressive in stealing it. Regulatory and contractual obligations require organizations to develop security policies and conduct some level of security testing. Failure to protect data can result in fines and expensive legal actions.

  • Policies and Procedures Development and Documentation

Delbridge Group team members can provide the necessary expertise to create and maintain effective policies that ensure a long term positive ROI. Designing and implementing optimal IT solutions are necessary steps in providing an effective return on IT investments. Once the systems are deployed, proper policies and procedures that ensure ongoing effectiveness are required to maintain the benefits over the life of the system. 

  • IT Organization Assessments

Delbridge Group consultants have extensive experience with assessing technology platforms and IT departments. As organizations look to improve operating results, proper alignment of IT with ongoing business needs is an important component for efficient operations. This includes examining the technology infrastructure, system platforms, software applications, technology expenditures and IT teams.

  • Merger and Acquisition Assistance

Delbridge Group consultants have experience with the complete M&A process including pre-acquisition assessments and post-acquisition integration of systems, processes and people. Organizations continue to look for opportunities to grow and achieve improved operating results through mergers or acquisitions of other organizations with complementary or additive business capabilities. It is important that companies consider all aspects of the combined entity including IT resources, intellectual property and business processes and procedures during the initial due diligence phase. 

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